Environmental Audit Carried Out By En-Vision Includes:

  • Environmental Audit gives us a clear picture of the imp86act an industry has on the environment.
  • Environmental Audit is a multidisciplinary check for strengthening of the environmental monitoring and environmental infrastructure.
  • Envision have a special cell for ‘Environmental Audit’, suggests ways to make improvements.
  • Envision will prepare a comprehensive report with statistical analysis – trend analysis, deviation analysis, performance analysis etc. through independent credible agency.

En-Vision Provides Advantages to Industry by Conducting Environment Audit:

  • Increased monitoring – complimentary to existing regulatory mechanism88
  • Overall assessment of environmental performance by an industry
  • Better compliance – adequacy of the EMS ascertained
  • Element of voluntary compliance – encourage to think beyond the compliance.
  • Effectively monitor consumption of energy and raw materials, which can significantly reduce costs.

Environmental Due Diligence

  • As per the statutory requirement it becomes responsibility of occupier to carry out Environmental Due Diligence studies and take mitigation measures accordingly before transferring such land for other land use.
  • Envision have a special cell for providing ‘Environmental Due Diligence Services’ one of the essential steps in modern real property transactions is evaluating candidate properties for potential environmental contamination and liability.
  • This process summarizes the requirements and steps for evaluating potential liability from environmental contamination, and will introduce to the larger context of environmental issues associated with real property transfers.
  • This process may be called a Property Transfer Assessment, Environmental Site Assessment, Environmental Baseline Assessment, Preliminary Hazardous Waste Site Survey, and commonly ‘Environmental Due Diligence Process’.
  • Envision experts team helps you in preparing an acquisition strategy of real conditions of the unit, defending your interest against environmental liabilities which are potential to risk and civil damages.

A Full Environmental Due Diligence Process Normally Includes The Following Elements:

Phase I

  • Data room inspection (virtual/physical)
  • Questionnaire and interviews
  • Site inspection
  • Report, including findings, risk evaluation, liability costs, recommendations.

Phase II

  • Field investigations of recommended issues from Phase I
  • Report, including detailed budgets of remediation or abatement
  • These general processes are always tailored to meet our customers’ needs

Phase III

  • Remediation of identified contamination, abatement of Water, Air & Hazardous.