94Environmental analytics, including monitoring, focuses on determination of all possible pollutants not only in such environment components as air, waters or soils, but also in vegetation, animal and human materials (tissues or whole organisms). Treatability Studies in which samples of contaminated Air, Water and Soils from the site are treated with the selected oxidant and catalyst. “Before” and “after” samples should be analyzed by a certified laboratory.

We, en-vision Enviro Technologies Pvt. Ltd, the leading centre for Environment and Laboratory Studies, offer testing and evaluation of a variety of unit operations and processes for the treatment of waste water, contaminated ground water, air and noise. These include the use of physical, chemical and/or biological methods for the evaluation of established treatment technologies using latest equipments, as well as the development of innovative treatment technologies.

Our group company En-Tech Laboratory situated at Ahmedabad is Schedule – II auditors under Government Auditor scheme by Honourable High Court,Gujarat and is well equipped to carry out all complex analysis for pollution and pollution control.

We, use standard methods as per National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) to provide the best result. Our Laboratory provide accurate environmental monitoring and analysis of water, waste water, ambient air, flue gases, soil and hazardous waste.