Legal Compliance  (State Pollution Control Board)

Statutory Clearances Taken Care By En-Vision:

CTE /NOC (Consent to Establish/No Objection Certificate)
CC&A /CTO (Consolidated Consent and Authorization/Consent to Operate)

Other Services:

  • Monitoring and Compliance
  • Environment Due Diligence
  • Environment Audit
  • Annual Statement (Form V)
  • EMS Adequacy
  • Company Name Change
  • Monthly Production Details
  • Updation of Company Profile
  • Water Cess

NOC/CC&A Covered By En-Vision:

It is well known that Pollution Control Boards across India assess the awareness of industry and institutions to curtail pollution of Air, Water and Hazardous Waste and Bio-medical waste.

  • Based on this assessment, the Boards confer appropriate No-Objection certificate (NOC)/Consent to Establish(CTE), the Consent for Air & Water aspects and the authorization for Hazardous Waste.
  • Legal actions are initiated by the Board through a Show Cause Notice / Notice for Directions & Closure Orders if any stake holder is found violating the permissible norms of the Boards.
  • Inspections may arise from General complaints, M.P/MLA references, CPCB Monitoring schedule, after SCN, Closure Directions, On submission of Application, Routine visits, Vigilance branch visit etc .
  • These entail a significant volume of documentation passed through several offices for decision making. This could include the applications by stake holders, noting by monitoring teams, recommendation by the Regional Officer, routed to the Head Office for comments and then to the Unit Head onwards to Member Secretary & finally to Chairman of the Board.

Services Provided By En-Vision Team:

  • Continuous follow-ups with SPCB for Acceptance & Clearance of Industries & Hospitals Applications.
  • Real time information about the movement of application will be reported to clients.
  • Quick actions taken if any messages received from SPCB to client regarding any abnormal/legal issues.
  • Alert to client, wherever urgent action is required regarding any pending work, submissions of letters if any.
  • Submitting on line Application on behalf of client with 34 sets of information in PDFs format flows down to field office for scrutiny. The E-file then auto–flows to the Head office and further granted by Board.
  • All transactions records, location of e-file details or even status of various monitoring reports, returns submitted earlier, lab sampling records will be provided for future reference to all Industries & Hospitals, if required.
  • Upload the Water cess returns and clear the queries raised by Board if any for real time tracking of assessment order.
  • Regularly upload the monthly patrak data on behalf of client and cross check with statutory conditions of consent order.
  • Upload e-fill yearly returns, Environment Audit Scheme and Environment Statement.
  • Envision will help client to reduce interference with SPCB, if any critical and legal issues.

EC & CCA Compliance Services Provide By En-Vision

  • Envision offers a comprehensive array of services designed to help companies to evaluate and implement regulatory compliance requirements at the local, state, national and regional levels.
  • We help a wide range of industrial clients on issues associated with the permitting process, as well as ongoing facility operations and their impact on the environment, including social compliance audits and assistance with enforcement actions and other matters that may involve regulatory responses.
  • Envision has experience and expertise across a broad range of compliance categories, including air emissions; water quality, waste water, and storm water; solid, and hazardous waste; hazardous materials; noise; and occupational safety and health requirements.
  • Our professionals understand not only the letter of the applicable regulations, but perhaps more importantly, the intent behind them. Clients benefit from the credibility and trust that we have earned through many years of successful interactions with regulators at local, state, regional and national levels.