Effective management of Biomedical waste is not only critical fo11 (2)r health and hygiene of common public and for protection of environment but also a legal compulsion under Environment (Protection) Act. It is practically difficult and economically enviable for a small healthcare unit to have its own facilities for biomedical waste management. Hence, concept of a common facility gained popularity in India.

Envision was one of the pioneers to set up a Common Bio Medical Waste Treatment Facility (CBWTF) in India. CBWTF developed by Envision in Surat on Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis is considered a model facility in India and has been awarded Dubai International Award for best urban practices. Envision has developed few more facilities in India and are being run successfully.

18EETPL can help any person or organization to set up a CBWTF and can also assist from concept to commissioning for development of CBWTF. EETPL can take up job of setting up and managing a CBWTF anywhere in India or abroad.

EETPL excels in supplying quality equipment for biomedical waste management which includes biomedical waste incinerators, sterilizers, shredders and other accessories needed by a healthcare unit for biomedical waste management. EETPL can help corporate and other big hospitals in devising their strategy for effective biomedical waste management.